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CJ - Pearl City Senior

CJ is a true farmer, that being said he wasn't really excited to have his picture taken for Senior Pictures.  But because he loves his mom (and he didn't really have a choice :) he went along with it.  Knowing that I tried to make it as painless & quick as possible.  I even got him to smile a few times.  Here are a few from our session. I love the ones with his tractor.

I met and took the pictures at his house on the other side of Lena.  They live in the midst of the windmills.  I know to some they are ugly and you are just use to them being there but I find myself amazed by them.  Their size, their smooth rotating motion.  So after our session I stopped along the roadside and took a few photos.  Here is one of them. 


2013 Senior Promo