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Now & Then

I have had the pleasure of knowing the Cooke family for years now.  This past Sunday I was privileged enough to capture them with my camera again.  Here is a picture from 2009 and this past weekend.  Boy how time flies. Still adorable is all I can say. (BTW... they didn't want to hold hands this time :) 



Madi & James

I've known these beautiful children for over 6 years now... maybe longer.  I've been blessed to capture them at least yearly even with all the moves I've made.  I am so thankful for their mom and just her continued friendship over the years and distance.


The Harris Family

I love the Harris Family.  They have been our friends for over 8 years and I am so thankful for Ashly's friendship along with the rest of the family.  Ashly is an amazing Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend and Nurse.  Her home looks like it should be in Southern Living and you'd never know she was from Indiana.  She is so creative, talented and always ready to step in and serve in anyway she can.  I am so thankful God crossed our paths and even brought us back again. 


The Fletcher Family

I had the pleasure of meeting this adorable couple about 8 years ago when we first lived in Pinehurst, NC.  At the time Rachel & I were both pregnant with our boys.  I remember wanting to photograph them when I started my photography business but it just never seemed to work out.  So... I am happy that our paths have crossed again and I was able to capture their adorable family with my camera.  I left out a few family photos so they will be a surprise for their Christmas cards.  (I'll post those later :)

Little Miss N turned 1. What fun it was capturing her beautiful smile and big blue eyes.
Thank you Rachel & Chris for allowing me the capture your adorable family.  I had so much fun spending time with you all. 



The Wortham Family

I love being able to see and capture families as they grow and go through life.  I photographed the Wortham family about 5 years ago and was so excited to be able to see them and capture some memories for them again.  

I had to post their silliness :) 


The Harris Family

I LOVE photographing my friends and their children.  Watching them grow from when they were little. It all goes by way to fast but thankful we are able to capture their cuteness with a photo.  The adorable Harris family have been our friends ever since we moved to NC almost 7 years ago.  My friend Ashly is one of "The Girls" that is a part of us that go for Girls Weekend once a year. She is amazing! Crafty, Fashionable, Sweet, Considerate, a Servant to so so many and is just beautiful. I am so thankful she allows me to capture her family whenever I get back to NC. I adore them all.