The White Family


Adam - Freeport Senior

Adam is a kind, respectful, caring, talented young man who also comes from a great family.  Funny thing, when I pulled up to begin his session the entire family was there which was a first for me.  If I hadn't known them, it would've made me nervous but we had a great time touring the town.  

I know God has great and mighty plans for his future.  Thank you Adam.


Brooke - Dixon Senior Sneak Peek

What a beautiful young lady with tons of style. I LOVE her hair and if I had the same amount I would get it done in a heartbeat! She can rock the shoes too.  Here is just a few shots from this old empty garage I found outside of Oregon.  I will have the entire post up soon.


Jen & Paul - Sneak Peek

I met Jen when her photographer & my friend Jen Jensen suddenly needed to move out of state. Although sad Jen was moving I was thrilled to photograph Jen & Paul at the beautiful Dillion Home Museum in Sterling, IL.  It looked like it was going to rain that morning but after a few brief sprinkles it had passed and turned out to be a beautiful day for an outside wedding.  Here are a few photos from the day. 


Kara & Tate

Back in the spring I was a vendor at a local Bridal Show where I had given a free Bridal session to one lucky door prize winner.  A few months later I found out Kara was the lucky winner when she got a hold of me and we scheduled a session before her wedding.  When it came time for the session her fiance' was going to be in town already and she wanted to include him, and I am so glad she did.  They were so much fun and just an adorable couple.  They had plans to get married in Chicago a week later and then head back to school in Iowa. It was a brief encounter but I am so glad it happened.

Congratulations Kara & Tate!  


CJ - Pearl City Senior

CJ is a true farmer, that being said he wasn't really excited to have his picture taken for Senior Pictures.  But because he loves his mom (and he didn't really have a choice :) he went along with it.  Knowing that I tried to make it as painless & quick as possible.  I even got him to smile a few times.  Here are a few from our session. I love the ones with his tractor.

I met and took the pictures at his house on the other side of Lena.  They live in the midst of the windmills.  I know to some they are ugly and you are just use to them being there but I find myself amazed by them.  Their size, their smooth rotating motion.  So after our session I stopped along the roadside and took a few photos.  Here is one of them. 


Our friend Robbie

Our friend Robbie is a wonderful person.  We are blessed by his smile & sweet spirit everytime we see him at Crossroads Community Church.  If you visit CCC you will definately see him because he is always serving. He asked if I would take some photos of him and I was thankful for the time I was able to spend with him.  Here are a few from our time at Krape Park.

On the last one I told him to make a silly face :) It was fun Robbie- thank you-



Take the time...

I first took up photography to capture my children and the things I love.  As time has gone by I have found myself taking less and less of them. The other day the kids and I had nothing going on or anyplace we had to be for a few hours so I took the opportunity to capture my beautiful daughter.  We had so much fun.  I loved capturing her just playing, enjoying the things she likes to do.  Those to me make the best photos.  

Eden has such a beautiful spirit.  She is kind, respectful, caring, beautiful, she loves God and has the biggest heart a little girl can have.  She is the one who is known for giving hugs to all the people she cares for.  She loves bright colors (I wish I had my 80's clothes back.. she would LOVE them), scarves, bags, peace signs, her friends & family and recently added our new puppy Bogey.  

Here are a few from our day. 

I love you Eden.



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Kari & Marty

I have been blessed to know Kari and her mom Marty for many years.  God places people in your lives that are there for just when you need them and even though life may take you different directions they are still your forever friend.  That is what Kari is to me.  My friend Kari turned 40 this year and I was so excited to be able to capture her and her mom as they celebrate each other and their milestone birthdays.

Here are a few from our time together (which was way to short:).

I celebrate your lives. Love you both-