The Lee Family

When we moved back to North Carolina for Kevin to take the position at Grace Church of Chapel Hill, Leslie Lee was the first to bless us with a meal while we unpacked boxes and started to get settled in.  She was kind & friendly with a beautiful smile.  Not only was the meal wonderful but she also makes homemade candles which she blessed me with. I find the name of her candles, Sparkles of Light, very fitting as she is like a sparkle of Gods light to others.  

I loved hanging with the Lee family and capturing some memories for them. I also loved the location, the old White Furniture Company building in Mebane, NC.  One I will defiantly visit again.



The Wortham Family

I love being able to see and capture families as they grow and go through life.  I photographed the Wortham family about 5 years ago and was so excited to be able to see them and capture some memories for them again.  

I had to post their silliness :) 


Settled in and ready to go!


Brea & James - We Did


Never Say Never- Neil & Cassaundra


True Love- Brea & James 



Cassaundra & Neil - Engagement

What a fun couple.  We had such a great time during the shoot.  We were heading to Galena for the morning but thankfully Cassandra had a thought about her grandparents farm in Stockton.  I was so excited.  It was just what I was looking for.  I can't wait to capture their wedding day.  A great couple, with great style who love to have fun.   


The Harris Family

I LOVE photographing my friends and their children.  Watching them grow from when they were little. It all goes by way to fast but thankful we are able to capture their cuteness with a photo.  The adorable Harris family have been our friends ever since we moved to NC almost 7 years ago.  My friend Ashly is one of "The Girls" that is a part of us that go for Girls Weekend once a year. She is amazing! Crafty, Fashionable, Sweet, Considerate, a Servant to so so many and is just beautiful. I am so thankful she allows me to capture her family whenever I get back to NC. I adore them all.


The Bolduc Family

I was blessed to be able to capture my friends the Bolduc Family.  Cory is the the Campus Pastor at the Crossroads Community Church Winnebago Campus.  What a wonderful couple and family.  They are passionate about God, their family and health.  Krystal is one of the strongest women I know in more than one way. She is a Health and Nutrition Coach (along with many other roles) and has a website called Grow or Die.  And did I mention she is beautiful too!

Here are a few from our afternoon. 

Kevin & I are so thankful God has crossed our paths Cory & Krystal.  Love you guys-


The Hoekstra Family 

I have to say photographing my family & friends is the most rewarding to me.  Being able to capture memories for them just makes my heart happy. That being said for Thanksgiving my family from my husbands side were all in town and I was able to capture a few photos for my sister and brother in law.  They are in the adoption process and needed a few more photos for their book. (We are all so excited!) It was a very cold morning the day they left but everyone toughed it out and they look great. 

I love this family! Some little baby is going to be so blessed to call them their parents and brothers. I'm blessed to call them family.