My style of photography is typically referred to as "lifestyle" photography.  This means I will not make you freeze for 5 minutes while I move your hands or position you in a certain place.  I want to capture you & your family "in the act", so what I capture portrays how you live every day.  I take mostly candid photo's and do give some guidance along the way.

I LOVE color and effects, so you will see a lot of both in my work.  I love taking a good picture and making it GREAT... making it into a piece of art.  My eye is directed towards places, or things that might not normally be the focal point of a photo and making that stand out.


I am an on location photographer, and I'm always up for new ideas for your session.  I will try everything from your backyard, the farm with old barns to graffiti walls downtown.  I have a list of favorite locations to choose from or your welcome to choose your own location that fit's YOUR style.


I want the shoot to be about you - so for it to be I invest my time in getting to know you.  Which means I leave the session with a new friend, which I love.

Most importantly, your session will be fun.  Taking pictures shouldn't be something to be dreaded.  You should enjoy the process as well as the final result. 


Clothing is a very important part of your pictures.  It is important to stay true to your style, but I also have some suggestions which can help the overall outcome of your portraits.  I tend to gravitate toward rich bright colors. Textured (corduroy, jean, buttons, ruffles) and layered clothing (jackets, scarfs, leggings) always looks nice for the finished picture.  I LOVE hats on both boys and girls.  I always love a cute pair of shoes and then some bare feet too.  For families, I love the look of complimentary colors, nothing to matching.  I know how hard it can to put the final look together, I am happy to help you decide what to wear.  A few suggestions for clothing are Old Navy, GAP, American Eagle, Children's Place and Gymboree for children.  (They do a great job of putting the outfits together for you on display:)


It makes my heart happy to see my clients enjoy the photos I take.  That is the #1 reason I love photography.

I have been married to my wonderful husband Kevin for 13 years and have 2 beautiful children.  We recently moved to Chapel Hill, NC where my husband is the Worship Pastor at Grace Church of Chapel Hill.  I am blessed to be able to lead worship beside my husband.  I love GOD and believe his word when he says His GRACE is enough, his MERCIES are new everyday, he will direct our path if we seek him, he gives us HOPE and a PURPOSE and he sent his one and only son to die on the cross for us so we may be forgiven of our sins.  THAT IS AMAZING AND A GIFT WE ALL SHOULD ACCEPT...


Here are a few fun facts:

  • I enjoy dressing up. I try to look trendy on limited funds.
  • My favorite food group is cheese. Cream cheese, goat cheese, cheese cake, white cheddar chez its (not the low fat ones)
  • My biggest rush was going over 100 mph on a snowmobile… The coolist thing ever. Would love to snow cross when I grow up:)
  • Gardening is a form of therapy for me. So is walking around TARGET.
  • I’ve been told my hair styles change more frequent than the weather in Michigan. (My parents are hairdressers ok)
  • When I have "spare" time I enjoy making things with my $20 SHARK sewing machine.
  • Kim Walker, Bette Midler, Nicole Nordeman, Crystal Lewis, Martina McBride + Colbie Caillat are all awesome!  So is John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Third Day, Michael Gungor & Kevin Baker.
  • My 2 children are gifts from God. Eden + Eli bring so much joy and laughter to me and those who know them.
  • I love to sing… especially with my husband!
  • Favorite times for me are gatherings that include the 3 F’s… family, friends + food!!!
  • I have recently learned that I need to be thankful for ALL things + ALL circumstances. A thankful heart brings peace to your life.
  • I am good with directions (only need to go there once) and love to drive… (it is a control thing)
  • I can’t turn down sweets… cookies, cakes, ice cream… Yum! Yum!
  • I am a blast to be around!!
  • I am so blessed!!!!!!!!!